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dewey (due:i) is an electronic music unit whom orgnized by efuopi(right side system) and taira(left side system). dewey delta is an 3 piece techno band who Hacchaki Karin joins to dewey.
Behavior of dewey is “More rich conceptions than stalemate techniques.” 
dewey delta's conducts are based on "Alignment as Dissipated, Tranquility as Ferocious".
Both musics aim to beautiful corruption and accurately failure.
Don't miss it their sounds.
dewey delta(デューイ デルタ)は、エフオピ、ハッチャキカリン(ドラム)、tairaによるテクノ3ピースバンド。
deweyは「硬直した技術よりも、より豊かな構想を」を規範とし、dewey deltaは「放埓な整合、獰猛な寧静」を標榜します。
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